This is a funny video about moms. Damien loves watching it lol. I love the faces that the father makes. I can so relate to many of these moments! especially the trampoline one lol.

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I read from a few different devotionals, Thoughts From The Diary Of A Desperate Man by Walter A. Henrichsen , My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers and Love Worth Finding by Adrian Rogers . I always love to hear what Adrian Rodgers devotionals have to say.  I got this one today from his daily devotional and i wanted to share it.

High on Sentiment, Low on Sacrifice

“Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” 2 Timothy 2:3

Many of us talk a good religion. We’re like the young man who called his girlfriend and said, “Sweetheart, you are so precious to me. I love you so much I’d fight wild beasts to be by your side. I’d tread on broken glass to hold your hand….And if it doesn’t rain, I’m going to come over and see you tomorrow night.”

Many believers are high on sentiment and low on sacrifice. We don’t know what it is to fight for the Lord Jesus Christ. If you’re looking for an easy way to serve the Lord, you can forget it.

We’re called upon to endure hardness as a good soldier of the cross. How much hardness would you endure?

For more from Love Worth Finding and Pastor Adrian Rogers, please visit

You can also listen to Adrian Rogers at

Watch Adrian Rogers and Love Worth Finding Video Online.


Daybreak: Practicing the Presence of God

This devotional journal with daily applications was designed several years ago by Adrian Rogers. This leather-bound keepsake will be a treasured addition to start your day out right!

Each day you will begin with a nugget from one of his messages, a reading from God’s Word, and a place to write your “Spiritual concerns and prayer requests.” Order your copy today.

For more Adrian Rogers resources you may visit the Love Worth Finding bookstore at


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Good prayer links

Good prayer links for your husband and children. Its the best thing you can do for them :-)….

A Mother’s Prayer Calendar: A simple monthly calendar that will guide you through praying for your children.
Praying Daily for Your Husband Calendar: A simple monthly calendar that will guide you through praying for your husband.


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The Bible Is Shockingly Honest and Gloriously Hopeful

This video is really good. Great eye opener as a spouse and a parent.

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Worship song I love right now

This is such a beautiful song. I love Both of their voices. Daniel Bashta has some great stuff.  Rita Springer is the woman on here and she has some beautiful songs too.

“Pursuit” Lyrics
by Daniel Bashta | from the album The Sounds of Daniel Bashta

Strip everything away
‘Til all I have is You
Undo the veils
So all I see is You

I will pursue You
I will pursue Your presence
I will pursue You
I will pursue Your presence

Open my eyes
Search me inside
I can’t live without Your presence
I can’t live without Your presence

I’m pressing into You
So do not pass me by
I’m breaking through the boundaries
I will not be denied

I can’t live without Your presence
I can’t live without Your presence

I will pursue
I will pursue
I will pursue
I will pursue You


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Keith is such a special kid. very unique. Keith is one of those kids that isn’t easily influenced, really stands for what he believes in, and is very sensitive to the truth. he has been such a blessing to all of us and words could not describe how much we love him. one of my favorite things about Keith is his passion to teach others. whether its about legos, art, the bible or just random facts, its so cool to see how much he loves to share and take the time to teach. its a wonderful trait to have.

Our prayer for Keith this year is that he continues to grow into the Godly man You intend him to be. That he desires to seek after the You Lord on a daily basis and his love for Your word grows and that he understands it. That he remains sensitive to the truth. that You continue to provide him with Godly friends to encourage him. That he lives by example and not just by his words. That he has a heart to please and honor You God in everything he does. that he seeks Godly advice as he grows and has questions about the world and the Bible. That he protects his eyes and heart from the dysfunction that’s all around him in this world. That he loves sacrificially. That he remains strong in You Lord. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

We love you so much Keithster!!!! You are our favorite first born son! 😉

MY blog is telling me i have reached my picture upload quota :-(. whats a blog with no pictures! i have to figure something out. ill post his pictures later.


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Our Easter 2012!!! part 2 (the pictures)

We had a pretty layed back Easter this year. my sister Angela was in town so she helped me with the Easter lunch. We did sandwiches, salad, chips with dip and deserts. It was easy and fun. Here are some pictures of our Easter Sunday….

my nieces Brenna(my brother Kevin’s daughter) and Mara(my sister Angela’s daughter) and my baby girl Riley in their matching Easter dresses from my mom. they look so beautiful! Rileys headband is pushing her ears down lol.

Riley got an early birthday present from Angela…her new obsession is mini mouse. Damiens is mickey mouse.

so cute!!!!

Damien waiting until the other kids got up on Easter morning. Hes our cuddle bug.

I had to add this picture 😉

Happy Easter!!!!!!

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Our Easter 2012!!! part 1 (what we did)

Here are a few activities we did for Easter to keep Christ the center of our weekend. we did some activities before Easter Sunday and some after. who says you can only teach about what Christ did for us on actual Easter? 😉 we should be teaching and exampling EVERYDAY to our children who God is, what Jesus did for us etc. Its no easy task, but its the most important one as a parent. here are some of the things we did around Easter to celebrate as a family.


The Gospel According to a Tea Bag

a tagged teabag, two saucers, a clear glass of hot water, and a match or lighter.
NOTE: Please test first as not all brands of teabags will float when lit.

Ephesians 2:5-10

Use a tea bag as an object lesson to tell the story of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. Its the Easter message for children and adults.

Object Lesson

The Label
1. Remove the tag/label and hold it up for the children to see.
2. Explain: The label identifies the tea. Jesus was labeled with many tags. He was called Christ, Messiah, teacher, Savior, the King of Kings, the man from Galilee, the carpenter, the Son of God, Redeemer, friend of sinners, good shepherd, Great Physician, King of the Jews and many more. At the cross, he had a sign placed over his head as “King of the Jews.” Jesus was in the very nature God, but he wasn’t concerned with titles. He did not consider equality with God something to be grasped. Instead he took the nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. He emptied himself made himself nothing.

The String
1. Remove the string and show it to the children
2. Explain: People often become attached to things here on earth. They are often attached to possessions, pleasure, and power. Jesus was tempted by Satan after 40 days in the desert with the very same things. But Jesus was not attached to these things. His focus was on doing the will of God. He came to earth with a purpose. That purpose was yours and my redemption.

The Staple
1. Carefully remove the staple and show it to the children.
2. Explain: This tea bag was pierced and has holes from a staple. Jesus was not pierced with a staple but with nails and a spear. His body was attached to a cross.

The Tea
1. Carefully open the tea bag without tearing it. Display the bag of tea leaves to the children.
2. Explain: Tea looks like dirt. If you put it in water the water will be changed to the color of the tea. It will no longer be clear and pure.
3. Demonstrate by dropping a bit of tea into the glass of hot water and stirring it around.
4. Explain: We are all like this tea bag in that we are born with dirt in our lives. We are not pure. The Bible calls this dirt, this impurity, sin. We need help from God to remove the sin from our lives. That’s exactly why Jesus came – to help us remove the sin from our lives. We must trust Jesus to remove the sin from our lives. When we ask him for forgiveness, he will make us clean and pure again.
5. Empty the tea leaves into the saucer.

The Tea Bag
1. Carefully open up the tea bag completely. It will open into a long tube that you can stand on the second saucer.
2. Explain: When Jesus removes the sin from our lives we can stand pure and proud in the sight of God. We will become a light for God. Philippians 2:15 says that among the perverse generation we will shine as lights in the world.

Lights for Christ
1. Light the bag from the top and allow it to burn.
2. Explain: As you shine for Jesus you shall become closer to God in your Christian walk, and one day your soul shall join him for eternal life. Just as Christ was resurrected and went to be with the Father, we will also rise up to be with him. We will be exalted and raised with him.
3. The tea bag will float up as it burns.

That’s the story of Easter. Jesus set aside his titles and emptied himself and became one of us. He came with a purpose, to cut us free from the things of the world. He was pierced for us. And when we ask his forgiveness, he will take away the dirt from our lives and make us pure. We will can stand strong and become his light to the world. Just as as he was risen we will also rise to be with him.


Easter Memory Match


Christian Easter Coloring Pages


Resurrection Craft


Resurrection EggS


The Jesus Storybook Bible

I got this as a gift from my friend Sara’s mom. We absolutely love it!


And last, a good friend of mine sent this broadcast from focus on the family called

Teaching Kids About Easter  Phil Vischer (creator of veggie tales) explains how parents can equip children to understand and celebrate Easter within the context of Jesus’ death and resurrection. really good!!!!


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Baby Shower!!!!

My wonderful friend Sarah threw me an awesome baby shower. I have to thank my  thoughtful husband as well, because he is the one that decided to throw one in the first place. Sarah was nice enough to take it over and do EVERYTHING. I totally was not expecting a baby shower because, well, it is my 4th baby ;-). I am so happy I got one though! Its amazing how much you really do need with each baby. I have all the basics, but it was nice to get more diapers, some new outfits for baby Joshua and a few fun things. Here are some pictures from the shower. Sarah did such a wonderful job with everything! I am blessed to have such a giving and thoughtful friend.

First…the food….

the cupcakes have his name on it!!!

I took pictures of all the food after everyone dug in. It still looks awesome though!

Everything was labeled 🙂

the chocolates had “Its a boy” written on the tag

Dan had the flowers died the same color blue as everything :-).

My grandparents where in town! so cool.


Brad and Des

my aunt Kerry and Riley

Danielle, Tito and there sweet baby


tj and cj…such sweet embrace 😉

the proud soon to be mommy and daddy of four!!!!

Sarah, me and Des

Chris and Kendra


Charles Sr., Amanda and Pete. Amanda is my Douala for when i deliver Joshua!

sweet Parker, our future daughter in law 😉

precious Ava


love this picture! i am pretty sure Debi took this one.

hiding under the table 🙂

some of the cute bags 🙂

Thank you Sarah, Dan and Cj!!!! It was such an awesome shower!



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